Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Webberville Public Works Department personnel are responsible for Maintaining our 3 wells, 9.5 miles of distribution system, elevated water storage tank and treatment of our water. We maintain 10 miles of sewer collection system with 3 lift stations and a 24 acre lagoon system. We are responsible for patching, cleaning, salting, plowing, signage and striping of 8.5 miles of village streets plus 3 parking lots. We mow the area around the wells, elevated storage tank, Village office, Village garage, 20 acres around lagoons and some village right of ways. We trim trees hanging over roadways, chip brush and vacuum leaves. We are also responsible for building, equipment and vehicle maintenance.


Our water quality is reported to and governed by the Drinking Water Department of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). Samples are taken on a regular basis required by MDEQ and a drinking water quality report is available on this site.

For those of you who are looking to install a water softener the hardness of our water is 370 ppm and the iron content is 0.62 ppm.


Our waste water discharge quality is also reported to and governed by the Surface Water Department of the MDEQ and cannot be discharged if it does not meet our permit standards.


For after-hours public works emergencies, please contact:

 1) John Teague 375-8671 (local call) or if not available

Our staff consists of two full time people:


John Teague -  E-mail jteague@villageofwebberville.com